Corporate Lunchtime Talk Singapore

Corporate Lunchtime Talks in Singapore

Corporate Lunchtime Talks in Singapore

About Our Lunchtime Talk

This lunch time talk will give participants the necessary memory improvement techniques to memorize any sort of lists.

Lunch Talk Title

Your Ultimate Guide To Memorizing Lists For Corporate Professionals

Lunch Time Talk Content

  • The different types of list and the appropriate memory improvement techniques to use when memorizing them
  • Easy memory technique to memorize short lists
  • Effective memory technique to memorize really long lists
  • Learn to memorize 20 items in a list in under 3 minutes
  • One┬ásimple method to quickly memorize checklists
  • The ultimate guide to memorizing┬ásteps and procedures
  • How to create mental files for rapid recall
  • Two simple memory tricks memory experts use to memorize infomration at lightening speed
  • Questions and answers

Lunch Talk Duration

45 minutes.

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